Henkilökotiedot. GDPR. Sivuston eväste- ja yksityisyyskäytäntö


Processing of data:
This confidentiality declaration applies to CHANTI ApS' webshop - www.chanti.fi and all other websites of CHANTI ApS, where nothing else is stated. If this confidentiality declaration can not be approved and accepted, use of the site should be omitted.

By using this page, the contents of this confidentiality declaration are accepted.

Non-Personal data:
CHANTI ApS collects non-personal data about the use of this site automatically using cookies and log files.

Personal data:
Personal data entered by the user when creating user profiles, using the services provided or otherwise registered, will be processed and stored in accordance with the laws in force at any time and the EU's general data protection regulation (GDPR).
Such information may be:

- Name
- Address
- email address
- phone number
- and the like


The data is used for inquiries and for marketing of new products and services at CHANTI ApS. Personal data will NOT be disclosed to third parties without prior consent, unless it is necessary to complete orders or requests, and only to the extent that the purpose is required.

Storage time:
Personal data is stored at CHANTI ApS for users with login accounts, as long as the account exists. The individual user can contact CHANTI ApS at any time requesting that the account should be deleted along with data. If you have completed a purchase on a user account, this data will also be saved.

If you complete a card payment transaction, the payment will be given a IP-No and date / time. This is done so that CHANTI ApS can assure itself as a company if a payment with a stolen payment card should occur.

Personal information is stored and / or treated in accordance with good practice. CHANTI ApS strives to use technologies and software that provide the necessary security so that the data is not damaged or comes to the knowledge of third parties. CHANTI ApS also strives to minimise these risks as much as possible.

Cooperation with other companies:

If you have chosen to use one or more of the following companies in connection with the transport of your goods, by payment or Premium, they will have access to necessary data in relation to your order:

- PostNord
- Bring
- Klarna
- Reepay

We thus register and disclose the necessary personal data in order to deliver the item to you.

We also collaborate with a number of other companies that store and process data. The companies only deal with the data on our behalf. They may not use the data for their own purposes.

We only collaborate with data processing units in the EU or in countries that can take care of your data with adequate protection.

The data controller at www.chanti.fi is Per Søndergaard.

The personal data are registered with CHANTI ApS (CVR FI2792976-8).

No other sensitive personal data is registered. The data is not disclosed to third parties.


You are always entitled to make an objection to the registration.
You also have the right to gain insight of the registered information.
Please contact info@chanti.fi for inquiries regarding the Personal Data Processing Act.

If you believe the data is inaccurate, you are entitled to correct them. In some cases, we are required to delete your personal data if you ask for it. For example, if your data is no longer necessary for the purpose intended. You can also contact us if you believe your personal data is being processed in violation of the legislation. In this connection you can write to us at per@chanti.dk.

Evästeiden käyttö

CHANTI käyttää evästeitä www.chanti.fi -sivuilla.

Kun käyt CHANTIn kotisivuilla, käytämme evästeitä rekisteröidäksemme; mitä tuotteita asiakkaat katsovat verkkokaupassamme, hallitaksemme ostovirtausta ja mitataksemme sivuillamme olevaa liikennettä. Käytämme Google Analyticsin analyyttinen työkalu näihin tarkoituksiin.
CHANTI käyttää näitä tietoja kehittääkseen kotisivuja, muokatakseen valikoimaa ja palvelua parantaakseen. 

Mikäli et halua hyväksyä evästeitä, voit muuttaa selaimesi asetukset automaattisesti estämään evästeiden käytön tai ilmoittamaan aina kun web-sivusto pyytää tallentamaan evästeitä. Löydät lisätietoa selaimesi apukentästä.

You can contact CHANTI at:

E-mail: info@chanti.fi
Phone: 00 45 33 12 13 00


Updated: May 2018